Tuesday, March 30, 2010

stop the presses!

Today we visited Pierre Herme's shop and I have to say, his pistachio macaron was better than the one from Lauderee! Chris agreed with me and was tempted after eating two of the small macarons to go back for the jumbo version that they offered. I also tried olive oil, and thought it was tremendous. And Ant, I got the macaron book! Who can resist that cover?

We ate lunch at Restaurant Helene Darroze. One of the desserts was a layered parfait of jellied Poire Williams, ginger panna cotta, pear granite and clafoutis crumbs with pop rocks. Yes, pop rocks. I didn't really understand what they brought to the dish, though I'm biased because I 've never been a fan.

Also, meet my souvenir. Still deciding on a name.....


  1. Each one of those "goodies" at Pierre Hermes looks so gooooood! You mentioned your desert at lunch, but what was the entree? How about the name "Jacque" for your souvenir (Dad's choice) or "Frenchie" (my choice)? Let us know your bears name! Love you!

  2. I can't wait to use that book! I had macarons from Lauderee too and thought they were inferior to herme! the apple one was disgusting!


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