Saturday, February 19, 2011

groom's cake

vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream

Anthony and I collaborated on a groom's cake in the likeness of a Yankee's cap. The cake itself was four layers. Three of the layers were baked in round cake pans and the rounded top was baked in a special domed cake pan. Anthony built the cake while I cut out the logo and applied the stitching details.
Below is a picture of the cake before we put the brim or the logo on. We applied some texture to the fondant with a paper towel so that it looked more like cloth.

For the finishing touch, we lightly airbrushed the cap with metallic pearl just to give it a bit of shine. The airbrush was acting up today, so we had to take it all apart before it would work again.

I don't follow baseball as closely as I used to, but my old prejudices are still intact. If it had been a Met's cap, it just wouldn't have been as fun to make. Besides the fact that Mets are the biggest choke artists in baseball, how can anyone root for a team with such a stupid name? Kind of reminds me of the Jets, too, come to think of it...

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  1. Remind me not to ask for a Mets cap for my next birthday


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