Sunday, April 10, 2011

christening cake

red velvet christening cake
This cake was for a pair of adorable twin boys, Aiden and Dylan. They had a christening today on Staten Island, and Anthony and I provided the cake. We filled this cake with cream cheese frosting, but covered it in buttercream because buttercream is more stable when you have to stack multiple cakes.

Anthony made quite a few versions of the cross on this cake. There was one particularly large version that brought to mind that line from the Exorcist, "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!" I'm not going to lie---I did spend some time chasing my poor husband Chris around the house, waiving that cross and yelling that line.

We ended up using a smaller version of the cross, adding a generous amount of gold luster dust to it, so that it was more fit, as Anthony said, for a Staten Island Jesus. It also reminded me of the pictures of Jesus I saw as a child---you know the ones. The kind where He is glowing and golden. Perchance it was luster dust back then, too?

After we delivered the cake, we stopped at Restaurant Depot and I GOT MY OWN MEMBERSHIP CARD! Oh yeah. Gonna do some serious damage with this baby. (Chris, you're not reading this, are you???) I bought a few pans with lids for all the ice cream I make and I bought parchment paper, too, so I will FINALLY have paper that perfectly fits my half sheet pans. All you bakers out there know what I'm talking about. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to cut your parchment paper (that stuff that comes in a roll) down to size so it sits neatly inside your half sheet pan. ARG. What a waste of time and parchment paper...

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