Tuesday, May 4, 2010

day 28

welcome to the beginning of the end...
This is my last week at the bakery. I plan to bring my camera with me on Sunday to get as many shots of the bakery's interior as possible, so stay tuned!

tarte paysanne
Apples and pastry cream on a round of puff pastry. A small amount of semolina flour is sprinkled on the pastry cream before the apples are placed on top. The flour soaks up the juices that come from the apples while they bake. Dessicated coconut or dry bread crumbs would work just as well.

monoprix's finest

Monoprix is the best grocery store in Beziers and I go there for everything. Here are a few of my favorite products.

nutella and go!
A must for Nutella addicts such as myself. This is definitely coming with me on the train ride to Barcelona.

mini bn
They are so darn cute because they are super tiny----about as big as silver dollars.

haribo candy assortments
I love chewy candy with fruit flavors, so this is a mix of jelly beans, gum drops and gummy bears was made for me. They also had a licorice assortment, Zanzigliss, and a jelly bean and licorice assortment, Polka.

The store is filled with mass produced versions of French classics. There's store brand pain au chocolate, sold 12 for 2 euros, all pale and squishy in a plastic bag. There's brioche loaves with and without crust, sold just like Stroehmann's or Arnold's in the States. I'm amazed to see how many people buy that stuff when there are a dozen bakeries all within walking distance from Monoprix that sell the real thing.

...and in other news
It was pouring rain today, outside and unfortunately, inside as well. The ceiling in the pastry kitchen sprung leaks and we tried in vain to use buckets to catch all the water. I was damp and cross by the time I made it back to hotel. They should really fix the ceiling. Alexi acted as if nothing was wrong even though we spent the day slipping and sliding across the floor.


  1. I like cross Emma, if only because it increases the possibility of someone being the victim of a cross-bow attack.

  2. LMFAO! I do NOT miss the leaky ceiling! What a pain in the ass. They are so used to it. I was used to it by the time I left but it pissed me off!


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