Saturday, May 8, 2010

day 32: tour part 2

the chocolate room
This tiny room up a flight of stairs is where Kiko works making chocolate. Above is the enrobing machine which covers candies in chocolate. The machine is so large that it takes of half of the room. There is also an entire shelf devoted to small plastic figurines that Kiko uses as reference for special orders. Usually she just makes a lot of Hello Kitty's and Sponge Bob's, though one time I did see her diligently working on a masonic

the dough room
This is Jacque's domain. The room is dominated by the giant sheeter which he uses to roll out all his doughs. He is responsible for filling the tart shells you see below and for making tons and tons of croissants.

the savory kitchen
This is really a communal room. Caudy works at a counter closest to the oven making cakes and taking care of all the baking while Guillaume works at a counter across from the stoves making all the savory items for the shop. There is another giant mixer in the room along with bins of sugar, flour, milk powder and a number of other dry goods. The door to the left leads to Jacques' room and then the pastry kitchen. If you go to the right, you pass the oven and then the bread room.

As a parting gift, the girls in the shop gave me a box of macarons labeled for Emma the American. It was so sweet of them and I really appreciated the gesture. I had to say goodbye to Chef and Carmela yesterday because they were leaving for Biaritz for a long weekend. I am going to sort through my suitcase now, have a couple macarons and get ready for a quick trip to Nimes tomorrow.


  1. Loved all the pictures and description in this part 1 & 2 of day 32!! It really helped to see the different work areas and get a small view of your world for the past 5 weeks! Dad and I are so proud of you and stand in awe of the talent you have been blessed with and know that you will use it recognizing the gift you have been given! LOL


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