Thursday, May 6, 2010

day 31

french cupcakes
I believe Chef is officially offering "cupcakes" as a catering option because today I had to assemble 100 mini cupcakes. These were madeleines again, but this time baked in the silpats normally used to bake babas. I soaked them in rum syrup, then colored the butter cream and piped rosettes on top. I originally created lighter versions of the colors I ended up using, but Chef preferred more saturated colors. The green really didn't work for me. Below is a pic of the madeleines before I iced them.

...and in other news
It was very busy today. The catering order with the cupcakes also included 32 each of the demi-gateau. I was in charge of strawberry tarts, carmela tarts and raspberry tarts. I would have finished quickly except that there was no pastry cream, no demi tart shells and no carmela ganache. Alexi and David really hate to prep items for the next day. They prefer to be short of everything and in a hectic rush when they come in the following morning. Yes, they're insane. Below are the fruits of my labor.

I am so excited that I only have two days left! I started organizing my suitcase so I'll be ready when I leave on Tuesday. I am still toying with the idea of heading to NImes on Monday for a quick day trip. If the weather holds, I'm definitely going.


  1. I want a strawberry tart like nobody's business XD

  2. I want to eat my computer right now that all looks so appetizing.

  3. 1 strawberry tart coming right up---as soon as I get back that is...


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