Wednesday, May 5, 2010

day 29

serignan plage
Chef asked me, Kiko and Pierre, who runs the website, to help him with a chocolate presentation at a nearby beach camp. The goal was to have a short presentation about the process of making chocolate then let the children in the audience decorate their own cupcakes. The "cupcakes" were actually giant madeleines baked in muffin shapes. Chef sawed off the tops then piped on giant rosettes of chocolate creme chantilly---definitely not your typical American cupcake.
All the people who attended the event were Dutch. The camp provided a translator for the time that we were there, but it was very difficult to maintain order. Below is a shot of Chef with all the children who came as well as a shot of Kiko and Pierre in the stupid hats Chef made us wear.

The beach was completely deserted because the weather was frightfully cold with extremely strong winds. Chef said that he grew up near this beach and spent all his summers there. There are miles of grassy marsh leading up to the beach because a law prevents any further development.

Half of the camp we visited was devoted to "Naturistes." We had to drive through that part of the camp to get to the event sight so I discreetly averted my eyes. At least none of them came to the event...


  1. I thought it had been warm the last couple of weeks where dd the cold come from?

  2. I don't know but I'm freezing. I've had to start wearing a coat and scarf again. Arg.


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