Saturday, April 17, 2010

day 11

the chicken sandwich
I was talking with Anthony, former classmate and past intern here at Maison Carratie, and he said that I had to be sure to try the bakery's chicken sandwich. It's deceptively simple: chicken, lettuce and house made mayo on a fresh baguette. It was delicious, so thanks Anthony for the tip. Guillame, who is in charge of the savory items in the bakery, poaches the chicken in stock, which makes it very juicy. The baguette was the best part of the sandwich, so my goal for tomorrow is to snatch a baguette for myself just as they are pulled from the oven.

tarte normande
Chiboust and a layer of apples baked in a sucree shell. Jacques, who makes the croissants, actually makes these. It was just okay. I never thought about baking chiboust before and I'm not sure I liked the result. It kind of had the texture of a quiche, but it was sweet of course.

...and in other news
Everything went wrong today. We were running so behind that Chef came in and started working with us. While we were working, he told me that I have been decorating a number of pastries incorrectly for the last two weeks. I told him that I am simply doing what David and Alexi have told me to do and he just shrugged. I am fine with being corrected but it annoys me that Alexi wasn't taken to task for showing me the wrong way. I plan to ask Chef tomorrow if I can start working with Chris making baguettes next week. Hopefully he will say yes. Chef also worked on some American style chocolate chip cookies today. He brought me one to try, but it was extremely over baked and brown. I told him that I preferred my cookies soft in the center, verging on under baked, but I don't think liked that idea. There's nothing more unappealing to me than a a cookie that's black on the bottom.


  1. The only person in the world that likes chocolate cookies black on the bottom is your Dad!! The chicken sandwich sounds delicious. LOL

  2. dad likes them black on the bottom? yikes. you would have loved the sandwich, mom....

  3. i told you it was delish! that bread blew your mind, no??


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