Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 20

Sete is a lovely town. I wish I had had more time and energy to explore the town's center because it was packed with shopping and restaurants. Unfortunately, I spent the majority of my time walking to and from the beach. When I first arrived in Sete, I asked the man at the ticket counter about which bus to take to the beach. He didn't know, so I just started walking and hoping that it wouldn't take too long. By my watch, it was a 15 minute walk through the town, then about an hour's walk along the coast to the beach. Whew. At least it was scenic. On my way back I kept an eye out for bus stops so if I come again I at least know which bus to take.

The beach wasn't clean like Valras. I saw all types of liter on the sand. There were, though, an amazing number of shells. It reminded me of the way the Jersey shore used to be when I was growing up. The shot below is the beginning of the path to the beach. I was looking south, with the town center inland to my right and the port north, behind me.


  1. Lovely shells! And the walk sounds nice, if a bit long.

  2. Stunning... I am so ready for beach time.


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