Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 12

la tarte carmela
Chocolate ganache over raspberry jam with fresh raspberries and cocoa nib nougatine in a sucree shell. The best part is the nougatine. I took a closer picture below. I really enjoy the bitterness of the cocoa nibs. I used up quite a bit of the nougatine today because I had to make a 16 person Carmela tart. I usually only make the individual size shown above or at the largest, an 8 person size.

...and in other news
It looks like I will get to work at another station next week! I asked to move to the bread station but Chef said I might be working at Jacques' station since he will be on vacation next week. I spent some time with Jacques today learning how to sheet the dough and shape the sucree shells, like the ones used in the Carmela tarts. I already know how to work the sheeter, a large machine that flattens the dough so that you don't have to roll it out by hand. I have made and sheeted croissant dough at Gramercy Tavern a few times, though the sheeter there is much smaller. The sucree dough is very soft here and you have to be gentle when pressing it into the tart rings so that the shell is the same thickness throughout and bakes evenly.
I tried to buy a train ticket yesterday to my next planned destination, Nimes, but the lady at the counter said that there would be a strike on Monday and it would be best to postpone my trip. Instead, I walked over to the bus station to get a schedule for the bus line that runs to the Valras Beach, which is about 20 minutes from Beziers. Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow!


  1. Yummy.... cocoa nibs. Even the raspberry looks inviting.

  2. Hope the trip to the beach is fun and that you get to relax. Sounds like a busy week, full of challanges ahead...which I know you will do fantastic as always!!! LOL


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