Sunday, April 11, 2010

day 5

le diamant rouge
A dome of vanilla cream with a core of raspberry jam, covered in a red fruits coulis, sitting on a round of almond cake. I liked this quite a bit, mainly because it didn't taste as heavy as the Madison.

canal du midi
It was in the high 70's today and sunny, so I headed down to the canal to walk along the water. There are several bridges that cross the canal, kind of like a miniature version of the bridges across the Seine in Paris. I've found I have trouble taking pictures of landscapes or monuments---I always feel like I'm taking pictures of pictures I've already seen. I guess it's easy to get stuck in stock photo mode sometimes. Anyhoo, I'll post more photos of my walk on facebook.

...and in other news
It has been a rough week, mainly because David continues to be a little punk, or as Anthony would say, a douchebag. I kind of caught a break today, though, by way of an accident. Lyvia, who works in the shop, had microwaved some water for me so I could make tea, and Alexi bumped into me as I was taking it out (he is extremely clumsy---I always move to the other end of the table when he starts cutting things with a knife). The hot water spilled on my hand and I dropped the cup and broke it. I wasn't hurt but David and Alexi both felt really bad about the situation, so neither one gave me a hard time today. I even got to help Kiko upstairs in the chocolate room. She showed me how to operate the enrobing machine and we covered little squares of coffee ganache in dark chocolate.


  1. I would totally have that for dessert while we took a leisurely stroll around the canal

  2. Who do you like more - Alexi or David?

  3. OMG! That pastry looks crazy good! Do you think I can find one in NYC?

  4. I haven't ever seen anything like it in NYC unfortunately---I wonder if Payard would have something similar?


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