Thursday, April 1, 2010

mega dessert

This post is from yesterday, April 1. The internet connection at the hotel is spotty so I couldn't post in the evening...

We've had rainy, cold weather all week until today. The sun came out just in time for our lunch at Jules Verne near the top of the Eiffel Tower. And what a lunch. The best part was dessert. I ordered an orange and almond souffle with caramel ice cream and Chris ordered the famous chocolate bolt with praline ice cream. On top of that, they brought out tiny square truffles, pistachio marshmallows, almond financiers, banana macarons, and parfaits of mint gelee, chocolate ganache and chocolate cookie crumbles. It was like a second meal and it was all delicious.

At the table across from us, a boy of about 12 was eating foie gras for the first time with his mother and grandmother. Poor kid took two bites, turned green and ran straight for the restrooms.

We walked it all off afterward by trekking to Poilane. I bought pain de siegle and two small apple tarts. I really wanted to buy a miche but those loaves are truly huge, much too big for just two people.

We also passed by a chocolate shop called Patrick Roger's. I loved his take on a chocolate piece to celebrate the end of Lent.

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  1. Would have a tough time choosing from yours and Chris's deserts. Each time I walk away hungry after reading your blog!!! It's good that I am here and not over there...Enjoy, LOL, Mom


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