Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 17

eclair chocolat
So I'm running out of pastries to photograph and describe---and it's only near the end of week three. Erg. This eclair was fair to middling. Would have been better if they didn't freeze it beforehand for so long. When it sits in the freezer for a while, it begins to have the faint taste of the sheet pan it's stored on. It's appropriate to say "yuck" here.

the penitent's chapel
So I'm rolling through all the chapels, churches and cathedrals in Beziers. Here we have the Penitent's Chapel which is one block down from the tea house I frequent. That's a large scale painting covering the front wall---the painted pillars look quite realistic from far off.

do you remember this guy?
When I asked Natalie last week what the name of the smiley-faced cookie was, she responded "Mini BN." It didn't make sense to me so I left it unnamed in my blog post. Turns out it's a copy of a mass-produced cookie sold in the local grocery stores and it's actually called Mini BN. Heh.

...and in other news
Since Jacques has been out, Natalie has moved into the pastry kitchen to work and I have been floating around the last three days. I have been in the pastry kitchen for the first hour until Natalie arrives at 6, then I move to the bread room with Christophe where he lets me put dough through the baguette machine (I will have a couple bread posts coming up with more details). I am supposed to help David with croissants next, but he doesn't let me help (He is my mortal enemy. Officially.) so instead I've been going upstairs to work with Kiko in the chocolate room. We covered candied lemon peel in chocolate yesterday and candied orange peel today. It's been strange moving from place to place, with no chance of establishing a routine....

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  1. We should bring the mini BN to the US. I could suggest some names but they may not be appropriate for the audience at this time.


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