Friday, April 2, 2010

nutella madness

So it rained today. Again. But that was okay because we spent the morning in the Louvre. We then made a trip up to Montmartre cemetery and a nearby chocolate shop called Denise Acabo Chocolates or A l'Etoile d'Or. I read about it on David Lebovitz's blog: where he calls it the best chocolate shop in Paris. I met Denise, a tiny women who wore her hair in two braids, and she helped me find the sweets I came looking for. I ended up buying a bar of Bernachon milk chocolate, a handful of CBS (salted butter caramel) caramels from Henri Le Roux, a bar of Bonnat chocolate and a tiny jar of creme de noisettines (similar to Nutella but so much better), which Denise said couldn't be found anywhere else in Paris.

I am currently in the grips of a nutella obsession. Every morning we walk up two blocks to the closest patissierie to get breakfast. The first morning here I had a nutella beignet and ever since then that's all I can think about. They have had only fruit flavors since that day and I keep going back in hopes that they have reinstated the nutella flavor. If they do, I'll get a picture of it before eating one. or two. or three.


And Chris fell prey to the wiles of Quick Burger, the French version of McDonald's. He had their take on the Big Mac and declared that the Big Mac reigns supreme.


  1. I wonder how many burgers Chris has had since arriving home! Personally, I still like the whopper..LOL, Mom

  2. Never had Nutella, will need to try it on one of your homemade beignets!!! Dad said he'll take the beignet plaine! LOL, Mom & Dad


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